Travelogue: Singapore – 8 Things to Do

Don’t be surprise with the things you can do in Singapore!

1. Food Searching – EAT!

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Singapore is known for the rich heritage of food dishes consisting of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences. You might want to view “Best Local Famous Food to Eat – Singapore” to have your check-list of authentic local cuisine in Singapore.

2. Cafe Hopping – Desserts!

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Not only known for rich heritage of food dishes, we also have a lot of cafes scattered around Singapore. Singaporeans love to “lepak” – chilling with friends at cafes. Visit “Cafes to Visit in Singapore” to see some of the top cafes!

3. Shopping!

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Besides food, Singaporeans love to shop too! That’s like the next thing to do after eating. Click on “Best Places for Budget Shopping in Singapore” to see the budget shopping places. If price is not your concern, then Orchard Road is your place. 😉

4. Club Hopping – PARTY!

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Now that you are satisfied with food and shopping, you should not spend your night sleeping in your room. Singapore is happening at night too! Most of the clubs open till 6am. Here’s a list of the best clubs in Singapore. Click on “Best Clubs in Singapore” to see. 😉

5. Park Hopping – EXERCISE!

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For those non-party animals, don’t worry! There are many other activities you can do in Singapore. Singapore is a city nestled amid lush greenery found along our roadside and parks. There are many parks, park connectors, nature reserves, heritage roads and heritage trees found across Singapore which provide for a unique experience of the island’s natural beauty.

The Park Connector Network is an island-wide network of linear open spaces around major residential areas, linking up parks and nature sites in Singapore, allowing everyone to enjoy the splendour of these green spaces.

Plan your hike, cycle or even picnic now! Here’s the list of “Top 10 Parks and Gardens”.

6. Art Galleries & Museums Hopping – HISTORY!

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For those who are more interested in history, you might want to go on our art galleries and museums hopping. There are many in Singapore. You may learn a lot on our cultures, race and many more.

Click on “Top 10 Art Galleries & Museums” to make your plans now!

7. Temple & Mosque Hopping – HISTORY!

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While you are on history discovery, do consider the different temples and mosque in Singapore. You will definitely learn a lot on the different religions and practices. Here’s a list of them!

1. Temples – Buddhist
2. Churches
3. Mosques
4. Temples – Hindu

7. Sentosa Resort

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In Sentosa alone, there are many activities you can do. That includes the Beaches, Nature Walk and Attractions such as USS, SEA Aquarium and Dolphin Island.

8. Other attractions

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Of course, our all-time favourite attractions such as Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Night Safari.

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