Travelogue: Genting Highlands (Pahang) & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This was a trip in 2013 if I’m not wrong. I remember it was back in May because of the Pesta Buku in KL. So the plan was to head to KL because I wanted to get myself malay novels!

Until someone asked, “shall we go Genting Highlands first before KL?”
And I answered, “why not? Let’s do that!”

That was how easy my trips are. All my concern was BUDGET.
If it fits well, why not? Lol.

We took the bus in the morning. 5-6 hours bus trip is no joke. That’s the only thing I hate about travelling. I usually opt for flights whenever I can.

So first destination was our hotel, First World Hotel & Plaza.
Please don’t expect so much from ‘First World’ Hotel. It is just an ordinary hotel. The only reason why I booked this hotel is because of the location.

One thing I like about the hotel; self-check in and check out.
There are many kiosk waiting for you to check in. All you need to do is scan your passport or booking confirmation. Then your room cards will be out! Magic!

For those who are unsure on how to operate those kiosk, don’t worry! There are staffs standing around kiosks to assist you. However if you insist, you can always go for those counter. 🙂



Right after lunch, we hopped to a cab for a strawberry farm. Those cabs are EXPENSIVE! 😦

BUT on a brighter note, the strawberries are beautiful! And we had this picking sessions too. Pick as many strawberries to bring home! Apart from the strawberry farm, there’s lavender and mushroom farm too. Pretty flowers!







We ended our first night, singing our lungs out. Not a bad place at all! They sure have updated songs to play 😉


Second day was well-spent in the theme park. Despite my high expectation, I sure had fun too. Those who wants to visit Genting Highlands for the theme park, I suggest you go somewhere else. The theme park is not for adults. Rides are not as challenging compared to many other theme parks I’ve went to.

A lot of rides for kids too.





We continued our trip to KL via bus. In approx. 1 hour, we reached our next hotel. The best hotel I’ve went in KL!

Seri Pacific Hotel. I love the room and I love the food. Yummy!








Side track, those who wish to get malay novels, Pesta Buku Antarabangsa is open yearly from 24th April to 3rd May at Putra World Trade Centre! 🙂