Travelogue: Melbourne – Victoria, Australia & Hobart – Tasmania, Australia

Oh I finally have to time to update this. I’m extremely sorry for the delay, everyone! It feels like just yesterday I was there enjoying the cold breeze. Now I’m back here in Singapore, enduring the haze. Sigh.

Warning: This is going to be a long post. Good luck 😉

Day 1: Melbourne City – Melbourne, Victoria

We arrived on a Friday morning. That feeling when you are not in your office on a Friday – TGIF! Perfect!

Thanks Ket & Ramil for fetching us. Also, thank you, Emirates for the wonderful service. I cannot imagine 8 hours flight without comfortable seat, updated movies, delicious food and friendly flight attendants.

It was 4 degree when we touched down. There’s this thing about Australia’s weather that I can never understand till date. Quoted by Ket – schizophrenic weather! LOL – I know right!

According to the itinerary that I personally prepared, we were supposed to go for Preston Food truck event after city tour. However, we totally overlooked on the time after busy shopping in H&M. Heh!

The next stop – Box on Collins Seafood Restaurant! If you don’t mind spending on good seafood, this is the place! I personally think it’s a little pricey there but why not if you get good food and good service! 😉


Day 2: South Wharf – Melbourne, Victoria

We decided to ditch Harbour Town and go for South Wharf. Oh at least I’m familiar with the place!

Took a train ride down to Flinders and decided to walk to South Wharf. For someone who hates walking and sweating, it was indeed a nice one. Thanks to the perfect weather and scenery. I definitely enjoyed it!

It was my first shopping trip with Alfa – She sure can shop! We went in most of the shops and came out with shopping bags in hand. Everything was on crazy sales! That summed up my Saturday. Yes! That’s all I did on the Saturday.



Ended the day with some Malay cuisine requested by Ket.


Day 3: Mount Wellington – Hobart, Tasmania

We booked a 6am flight, hoping to save some cash. We got all packed and checked-in online. All ready to go!

Hey guess what? We woke up at 6am! Yes, we missed our flight to Hobart! I can imagine them calling for me in the airport. Go on, laugh yes laugh. I even laughed at myself. Never been this careless and clumsy. Next step – rebook flight. Duh!

Hobart is the capital and mist populous city of Tasmania. It is also Australia’s second oldest capital city after Sydney. – Thanks Wikipedia!

If you are someone who appreciates nature, do consider Hobart! I love how calm and peaceful Hobart is. Hobart – a place to consider for retirement. ☺

First day in Hobart itinerary – checked! We managed to go for our Mount Wellington tour. Beautiful! Let the photos do the explanation! 😉



Day 4: Salamanca Place – Hobart, Tasmania

Taking the local’s advice, we decided to ditch Cadbury Chocolate Factory and go for some fresh seafood at Salamanca Place. If you have a lot of time, try the different restaurants and let me know which one you prefer 😉

Unfortunately I was spoilt for choices and opt for Mures Fish Centre. Not bad but I’m sure there’s better ones.

And lastly what’s holiday without shopping!


Day 5: Hobart City – Hobart, Tasmania

Indeed a quick trip! I’m sure there’s a lot more for me to see in Hobart. ☹
Well, the more I should plan for another trip. Heh!

Final day in Hobart was a no rush. We had brunch and had our final walk around Hobart. Then back to hotel for cab to airport.


Here are some points to take note if I decide to visit Hobart again.

1) Rent a car at the airport – You can save cab fare of AUD$60++ (airport-city) which means AUD$120 for the whole trip. If you are going on your own, there’s Hobart airport shuttle bus that alights you at your hotel in the city – AUD$18 per person

2) Avoid flights to Hobart on a Sunday. The shops close at 3pm on every Sunday. Don’t waste your trip.

Best Western Hotel, thank you for being so lovely. For a 4-stars hotel, I personally think you should upgrade your facilities. You’re lucky to have beautiful and amazing staffs!

Meanwhile, Mantra Hotel – St Kilda, you need to work on your customer service. TERRIBLE! I wouldn’t recommend you to anyone. Trust me, I am easy to please. When I say terrible, you must be very bad.

Day 6: The Willows – Melbourne, Victoria

The day everyone has been waiting for is finally here! Thank you Ket & Ramil for entrusting me with the photography & videography. I’m very sorry for the non-perfect work. It was my first, definitely my last. I’m bad with it. LOL

It was such a simple and beautiful wedding. I cannot believe you finally found someone you will spend your bimbo moments with.

Love you bimbo!


Day 7: Yarra Valley – Melbourne, Victoria

First stop – De Bortoli Wines

No comments on wines – I don’t drink. Food was not fantastic and service was not that great compared to the first lunch I had at Chandon. I would still recommend Chandon to all. View was better at Chandon too!

Next stop – Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

A must place to visit for all chocolate lovers. It is not a big place but enough for you to find weird chocolates! Yummy! If you happen to be there, don’t miss their brownie ice creams! Oh my god – I’m drooling as I write this ☹

Final stop – Yarra Valley Diary

The same place I visited the last time. Another must place to visit for all cheese lovers. Taste as many cheese as you want and buy them all! They don’t just sell cheese. You can get other stuffs like dips, crackers etc.



Day 8: Queens Victoria Market – Melbourne, Victoria

Started the day with breakfast at Simply Spanish – my all time favourite! I’ve never failed to have my meal there every time I visited Melbourne. It’s a must – trust me!

Shopping starts the moment we end our breakfast. Final round of shopping ☹


Day 9: Dandenong Mountain – Melbourne, Victoria

We spent our last weekend, appreciating the nature. Greenery view and fresh air – what more can I ask for?


Oh yes, if you did make trip to Dandenong Mountain, do drop by Pie in the Sky! The best pie in town! Again, I’m drooling ☹

Day 10: Singapore

The days always end faster when you are enjoying your time. Again, thank you Ket & Ramil for the hospitality. I definitely enjoyed myself there.



Travelogue: Melbourne – Victoria, Australia

Just looking at the photos below, I’m already missing Melbourne 😦
Melbourne was the furthest I’ve been to so far. Due to work, I had to travel on my own for the first time last year.

I didn’t really get to go around Melbourne due to work. Most of my time was spent in the office. When I’m off work, the shops are either closed or I’m too tired to walk around.

But I definitely managed to visit some places! I remember it was Winter when I first went to Melbourne. Pretty and cold.

Melbourne, a city in Victoria is known for its plazas, bars, restaurants and cultural events along the Yarra River. It is also known for Arts performance and music activities.

It is so convenient for one to walk around Melbourne city. I would suggest you to walk around Flinders St, Elizabeth St, Little Lonsdale St and also, Southbank.

They sure have good things to shop and good food to grab.



Apart from the scenery, I always looked forward to the food there. Probably because I’m not a fan of rice. I enjoy wraps and sandwiches.



One of the must-go place is Yarra Valley Wineries. There, you will be spoilt for choices. There are many winery areas. Chandon was one of the winery I visited.

Trust me, they serve delicious food! You should try all of them. You can also learn how wines are made. Knowing the process, I’m sure you will be able to appreciate wines more.

On the way back, do drop by the dairy shop! They sell different types of cheeses you might like!



If you have the time, visit Queen Victoria Market. Go lane by lane not to miss any of the stuffs. I am always amazed at how organised they are. The vegetable section, the beef, pork and chicken etc.



Before I left for Singapore, I managed to meet my BEST ex-GM, Glen!
It was Spring when I had to fly back for work. This time round, I was not alone with Ket.

Michael and Maman were there too! Apart from the wraps, seafood is must-eat in Melbourne. Freshness is beyond description.




If you managed to fix your transportation, do visit Mornington. Wonderful sight I’ve ever seen before so far. If you are lucky, they might have events running during your trip. Don’t miss it!

Just a little tip, remember to wake up early when you are in Melbourne. All shops close early there 😦



I’ll see you soon, Melbourne! ❤ 😀