Travelogue: Johor Bahru – Johor, Malaysia

The little brother will be serving the national soon and then, he requested for a getaway. Thus our impromptu getaway to Johor Bahru!

Do not underestimate Johor Bahru. There are sure a lot of things to do there!

That aside, our trip was supposed to be a relax one – no rush. Right after check in, all headed to the swimming pool. What can go wrong with swimming pool right? LOL.

Bayu Marina Resort.

A little run down but comfortable and acceptable for family. Well, I got a 3 bedroom for 2 nights at SGD$300. So, I am not complaining.


If you are not aware, JB is currently ‘HOT’ for its Pasar Karat (Bazar JB). It is open every night located just behind City Square. Don’t be surprise to find unique stuffs. But of course, majority of the sellers are selling vapes and scarfs. Those are like the ‘IN’ items in JB at the moment.

Second day was well spent at Angry Bird theme park located at Komtar JB. Those with kids don’t miss this park! Wait, even adults enjoy it! 🙂


We managed to squeeze some time to shop too. If you are unfamiliar with JB, here’s a list of shopping places you might want to consider.

1. Johor Bahru City Square – Located near JB Customs
2. Komtar JB – Beside Johor Bahru City Square
3. KSL – May consider accommodating at KSL Resort (convenient!)
4. Johor Premium Outlets – Branded stuffs
5. Pandan City Mall


Here’s what I usually do before travelling – RESEARCH!
I usually google the places to go and of course, good food! That’s how we found Murtabak Majid Special Cheese No. 1.

I recommend cheese and murtabak lovers this place! Trust me, you won’t regret it. 😉 Oh yes, before you head back, drop by CacaoRich Chocolate to buy some unique chocolates back!

Murtabak Majid Special Cheese No. 1
No. 38 Lot 5581, Jalan Kurniawan, Kampung Kurnia, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Open from 12-7pm weekdays / 12-5pm weekend

CacaoRich Chocolate
19A, 19B-B2, Jalan Ah Siang, Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Travelogue: Malacca, Malaysia – A’Famosa Resort

During Chinese New Year, we decided to visit A’Famosa Resort. Sadly, I don’t remember anything good about it.

If you are not with kids, don’t bother visiting A’Famosa. It’s not for adults.
The moment we reached the resort, we are already on the wrong step.

The cab driver alighted us at the clubhouse instead of the hotel lobby. Luckily it was nearby so we walked. BUT that’s not the end!

I actually booked a condotel and a hotel room. Without realising, it is two separate building! AND it’s far! 😦

First night was dinner and chilling. Those pretty fireworks made the night better.
Dinner food was just average.

The next morning, we ordered breakfast. But it was rubbish! We didn’t even finish it because it was so bad! Next stop, Water Theme Park.


I don’t know when is the best time to visit. Probably during the weekday. But that day, it was very crowded! SUPER CROWDED.

No room for bath and change! We ended up bathing in our room instead. 😮

After the change and a little rest, we visited Old West at night. That was so much better than the water theme park. But still not good enough. Old West is a funfair.

Games and rides for kids, animal show etc… Again, the nephew sure had his fun!



In a nutshell, if you not driving, it is definitely a little hard to move around. Till they improve many aspects, I don’t think I’ll be visiting that place again.

Travelogue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Last year, I remember telling myself that I should keep myself busy on all the public holidays in 2015. Just because of the long holidays. Many of the public holidays either falls on fridays, mondays or sometimes thursdays and tuesdays.

So on New Year, my first holiday was to KL. It was actually planned between some ex-colleagues. But the siblings decided to crush my trip. I ended up spending 70% of my time with the siblings.

Since we are all on budget, we decided to travel via JB, Senai Airport. We reached our hotel approx. 2pm. Checked-in and went to grab some snacks for midnight.




We actually stayed at Mid Valley Boulevard. A nice and pretty hotel, I must say. Apart from the location, nothing else is great about the hotel. I preferred Seri Pacific for the facilities and food. AND prices is definitely cheaper. Anyway, I booked this hotel because it was supposed to be a trip with the ex-colleagues, remember?

First night was a walk at Bukit Bintang. The next day, we went to KLCC and Aquaria KLCC. The nephew sure had fun there!




Out of the Aquaria KLCC, we took a ride to Subang Jaya to Joe Flizzow’s barber for the boy’s haircut. Unfortunately the place is so known that there’s no slot for him. 😦 Then we ended up eating at some burger cafe. I swear the food is delicious. But I can’t remember the cafe’s name! Argh!mibrxCp


I managed to alight them at Berjaya Times Square for shopping before I join the ex-colleagues for dinner. Another must-visit restaurant when you are in KL. Las Vacas Beef It Up!

Great steak! Importantly, it’s halal! Their salmon is good too!

We drop by Chocolate Kingdom on the 3rd day. It was rather disappointing if you ask me. I was expecting a KINGDOM of chocolates. But no, it was just a small kingdom.

We definitely got our chocolates!





Of course, we did not left KL without visiting Petaling Street! It’s like going Singapore without going to Orchard Road. Petaling Street is infamous for pirated clothes and accessories. You sure get the best deals if you can bargain well!

Travelogue: Genting Highlands (Pahang) & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This was a trip in 2013 if I’m not wrong. I remember it was back in May because of the Pesta Buku in KL. So the plan was to head to KL because I wanted to get myself malay novels!

Until someone asked, “shall we go Genting Highlands first before KL?”
And I answered, “why not? Let’s do that!”

That was how easy my trips are. All my concern was BUDGET.
If it fits well, why not? Lol.

We took the bus in the morning. 5-6 hours bus trip is no joke. That’s the only thing I hate about travelling. I usually opt for flights whenever I can.

So first destination was our hotel, First World Hotel & Plaza.
Please don’t expect so much from ‘First World’ Hotel. It is just an ordinary hotel. The only reason why I booked this hotel is because of the location.

One thing I like about the hotel; self-check in and check out.
There are many kiosk waiting for you to check in. All you need to do is scan your passport or booking confirmation. Then your room cards will be out! Magic!

For those who are unsure on how to operate those kiosk, don’t worry! There are staffs standing around kiosks to assist you. However if you insist, you can always go for those counter. 🙂



Right after lunch, we hopped to a cab for a strawberry farm. Those cabs are EXPENSIVE! 😦

BUT on a brighter note, the strawberries are beautiful! And we had this picking sessions too. Pick as many strawberries to bring home! Apart from the strawberry farm, there’s lavender and mushroom farm too. Pretty flowers!







We ended our first night, singing our lungs out. Not a bad place at all! They sure have updated songs to play 😉


Second day was well-spent in the theme park. Despite my high expectation, I sure had fun too. Those who wants to visit Genting Highlands for the theme park, I suggest you go somewhere else. The theme park is not for adults. Rides are not as challenging compared to many other theme parks I’ve went to.

A lot of rides for kids too.





We continued our trip to KL via bus. In approx. 1 hour, we reached our next hotel. The best hotel I’ve went in KL!

Seri Pacific Hotel. I love the room and I love the food. Yummy!








Side track, those who wish to get malay novels, Pesta Buku Antarabangsa is open yearly from 24th April to 3rd May at Putra World Trade Centre! 🙂