Travelogue: Malacca, Malaysia – A’Famosa Resort

During Chinese New Year, we decided to visit A’Famosa Resort. Sadly, I don’t remember anything good about it.

If you are not with kids, don’t bother visiting A’Famosa. It’s not for adults.
The moment we reached the resort, we are already on the wrong step.

The cab driver alighted us at the clubhouse instead of the hotel lobby. Luckily it was nearby so we walked. BUT that’s not the end!

I actually booked a condotel and a hotel room. Without realising, it is two separate building! AND it’s far! 😦

First night was dinner and chilling. Those pretty fireworks made the night better.
Dinner food was just average.

The next morning, we ordered breakfast. But it was rubbish! We didn’t even finish it because it was so bad! Next stop, Water Theme Park.


I don’t know when is the best time to visit. Probably during the weekday. But that day, it was very crowded! SUPER CROWDED.

No room for bath and change! We ended up bathing in our room instead. 😮

After the change and a little rest, we visited Old West at night. That was so much better than the water theme park. But still not good enough. Old West is a funfair.

Games and rides for kids, animal show etc… Again, the nephew sure had his fun!



In a nutshell, if you not driving, it is definitely a little hard to move around. Till they improve many aspects, I don’t think I’ll be visiting that place again.