Travelogue: Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung has always been one of the places I wish to visit from young. So without thinking much, I squeezed 3 days 2 nights in my calendar. I remember it started bad. And all I thought was, “how worst can this get?”

First, we almost missed our flight. We literally ran to the counter to check-in. Phew!
Then trust me, I was busy searching for the airport. I couldn’t figure out that the small building I saw was actually an airport.

So we happily walked towards it, with a plane moving beside us! That’s how dangerous and unorganised the airport is. AND there is not even a direction and a signboard on where to go.

And we just walked towards the nearest door. Amazingly, we entered the departure area! *FAIL*
So we had to get out again and walk further and join the long queue. 2 words. Messy and chaotic. That’s not the end. Waiting for the luggage was another disaster. No words can describe that.

We couldn’t wait to leave the place. When we finally got out of the custom, all we saw was the crowd. Even before we could figure out where is the taxi stand, a stranger approached us, quoting his price to be our chauffeur.

Following our gut feeling, we accepted and reached our first destination. Our hotel, Aston Braga Bandung.

It’s actually a new hotel. So, no complaints! 😉



Next day got better and was well-spent. We head to Tangkuban Parahu for sight-seeing. BEAUTIFUL!

Tangkuban Parahu is actually a volcano area, last erupted in 1983. It is a must-to-visit place when you are in Bandung. Tourists can hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view hot water springs and boiling mud ip close.

And yes, we did just that! We hike! Lol. No one will believe I hike.





Kawah Domas. It is compulsory to hire a registered guide to walk you down to this active crater. It took me approx. 1 hr 30 mins to complete the hike. But trust me, the effort paid off!

It is a must-do experience. You can indulge yourself in mud massage and egg boiling. You can even smell the sulfur or watch the hot water springs closely. Don’t worry, you don’t need to walk back when you are done. 😉

Take note that the people selling souvenirs will possibly hassle you. Tell them not to follow if you are not going to buy anything.





Another thing that you should not miss every time you visit Indonesia, will be the food.
Nasi Padang is a must-try!

I like how unique the concept of serving is. The idea is to serve everything on the table. They will only charge you for whatever you eat. 🙂

Before we ended our trip, another must place to visit is their factory outlets and snacks outlets! Unfortunately my trip was not long enough to visit all 😦

We definitely managed to buy souvenirs back home!




Just a little tip, if you are going to Bandung, do consider the flight timing. Try to get the earliest flight to Bandung and the last flight back.

For this trip, I actually wasted my 2 days. Technically I was only there for a day. No worries, this is definitely not going to be my last trip!

Cheers! xoxo