Travelogue: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is Japan’s bustling capital; mixes both modern and traditional. The one thing I enjoyed most was definitely the weather. Winter is one season you will not get in Singapore.

Frankly, I don’t really enjoy myself, probably because Tokyo reminds me of Singapore.

Advanced Singapore.
The buildings. The subways. Rush hour. The crowd. The cleanliness.

Nevertheless we managed to keep ourselves busy throughout the trip.

Subway was one of the complicated systems in Tokyo. I finally ‘master’ the subway lines after 5 days!

Just like Singapore, everything is expensive including food and transportation. You can rarely see locals taking the cab. Flag price is approx. S$8.

Enough said. Let’s go into details!

Day 1: –

Thank you United Airlines for flying me safely. For the price I have paid, I shall not complain. Nevertheless, you got the basics covered.

From the airport, you may opt for bus, express train or cab to travel to your apartment. Bus will definitely be the cheapest option but may not be the most convenient one. After much discussion, we decided to go for the Express train (Y$4000) for 2-ways.


Figuring out what is next at Shinjuku is another challenge. It is the busiest train station with countless train lines and exits. In a nutshell, we got lost but we managed. Duh!



After a great dinner despite getting lost in translation, we went to explore more. As expected, we got lost and we managed again!

Day 2: –


Harajuku is another famous place among the tourists. If you love cosplay and anime, you might want to include this in your itinerary. Otherwise, skip it! It is just another ‘Bugis Street – Singapore’ lined by many shops towards fashion and trends for teens.
Just a station away, Shibuya reminds me of ‘Orchard Road – Singapore’. It is popular for shopping and entertainments. It is also know for the large intersection in from of the station.

Day 3: –


Mount Fuji – an active volcano about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. Right after the Mount Fuji, we head for lunch before taking the cruise on Lake Ashi. Final destination was Mount Kamogatake. That experience taking the gondola with 100+ people is unexplainable.

If you are looking for tours, you might want to consider! They offer great tours at reasonable prices.

Thank you Eriko-san for being such a wonderful tour guide!

Day 4: –


Disneyland was one of the selected itineraries, which was a disappointment personally. If you are looking for great rides, you may skip this. But on a brighter note, I enjoy the shopping! Those snacks are delicious!


Odaiba is one of the places you may consider to visit. Venus Fort offers premium outlets while Aqua City offers almost everything. Oh yes! If you are travelling with kids, do consider the Aquarium.

Day 5: –


On our last day, we managed to find Donki, or Don Quixote, the king of stores in Japan for their huge selection of affordable goods. There, we managed to get a lot of souvenirs for family and friends! P/S: If you want to get snacks from Japan, don’t bother finding it in the city. Everything can be found in the airport. They offer same prices.


Nevertheless, it was a wonderful trip. Thank you for being such great companies. 😉


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