Happy 50th National Day, Singapore! – SG50

I’ve always enjoyed writing about my travels. I love reminiscing those moments.
Then I realised I wrote nothing about my own country. The place I’ve been living in for the past 27 years.

I hope it’s not too late to wish Singapore a happy birthday.

Singapore used to be just an island. Now, it is a global financial centre with a tropical climate and multi-racial population.

I’m not going to write about the history because I hate it. But just a gist of it, Singapore or originally known as ‘Singapura’ comes from the malay words “Singa” for lion and “Pura” for city. It is said that Sumatran prince actually spotted a lion on the island. However recent studies have verified that lions have never lived in Singapore. It was probably a Malayan tiger.

I can’t imagine if he actually figured correctly that point of time. Singapore would have been Harimaupura today. “Harimau” for tiger and “Pura” for city.

Prior to European settlement, the island now known as Singapore was the site of a Malay fishing village. You’ll be surprise at how the island has changed in just 50 years.

Singapore used to be very simple village where people lead their life without stress. It is also a business hub back then. Many comes from Malaysia, Indonesia, China and also India. That explains the multi-racial population now.

1Photo courtesy of http://www.singaporebikes.com/ and http://www.eddy2099.com

Today, a lot changed. It is the busiest island. Everyone competing to be the best. Not to mention the cost of living in Singapore.

2Photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

I’m definitely proud to be part of you, Singapore. Happy birthday!
Please continue reading to know more about Singapore 😉


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