Travelogue: Melbourne – Victoria, Australia

Just looking at the photos below, I’m already missing Melbourne 😦
Melbourne was the furthest I’ve been to so far. Due to work, I had to travel on my own for the first time last year.

I didn’t really get to go around Melbourne due to work. Most of my time was spent in the office. When I’m off work, the shops are either closed or I’m too tired to walk around.

But I definitely managed to visit some places! I remember it was Winter when I first went to Melbourne. Pretty and cold.

Melbourne, a city in Victoria is known for its plazas, bars, restaurants and cultural events along the Yarra River. It is also known for Arts performance and music activities.

It is so convenient for one to walk around Melbourne city. I would suggest you to walk around Flinders St, Elizabeth St, Little Lonsdale St and also, Southbank.

They sure have good things to shop and good food to grab.



Apart from the scenery, I always looked forward to the food there. Probably because I’m not a fan of rice. I enjoy wraps and sandwiches.



One of the must-go place is Yarra Valley Wineries. There, you will be spoilt for choices. There are many winery areas. Chandon was one of the winery I visited.

Trust me, they serve delicious food! You should try all of them. You can also learn how wines are made. Knowing the process, I’m sure you will be able to appreciate wines more.

On the way back, do drop by the dairy shop! They sell different types of cheeses you might like!



If you have the time, visit Queen Victoria Market. Go lane by lane not to miss any of the stuffs. I am always amazed at how organised they are. The vegetable section, the beef, pork and chicken etc.



Before I left for Singapore, I managed to meet my BEST ex-GM, Glen!
It was Spring when I had to fly back for work. This time round, I was not alone with Ket.

Michael and Maman were there too! Apart from the wraps, seafood is must-eat in Melbourne. Freshness is beyond description.




If you managed to fix your transportation, do visit Mornington. Wonderful sight I’ve ever seen before so far. If you are lucky, they might have events running during your trip. Don’t miss it!

Just a little tip, remember to wake up early when you are in Melbourne. All shops close early there 😦



I’ll see you soon, Melbourne! ❤ 😀


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