Travelogue: Bangkok, Thailand – Shopping

Bangkok; a land of smiles. I mean it. 🙂 Bangkok, capital city of Thailand, is a bustling city filled with street food, temples, tuk-tuk, markets and also shopping. It is normal for one to feel unsafe in a new place however after spending a few days there, trust me, I definitely felt safe and welcomed by every single one. That explains the 4 trips till date. I bet that’s not the end! LOL!


Unlike Singapore, Bangkok may appear dirty and scary. But hey, that’s Bangkok! I have always loved the warm Thai culture and how unique it is in its own way. The first trip was an eye-opener. On the first night we arrived, the boys decided to show us the real Bangkok. They brought us to the red-light district. It is full of clubs. Girls, boy and transvestite everywhere. Trust me, that’s scary! I only see those on Google -.-

Barrio-rojo-BangkokPhoto courtesy of

But of course, I love the shopping more 😉

From MBK to Central World Plaza, Bangkok completes every taste, style and prices. You will definitely be spoiled for choice! From modern and air-conditioned shopping complex to bustling hot markets, most of the shopping complexes are easily accessible via efficient Skytrain (BTS) system. Just don’t forget to wear comfortably! NEVER forget your shopping bag too!


1. Chatuchak Weekend Market


Also known as Jatujak or JJ Market, Chatuchak is the biggest market in Bangkok. It is so big that you will need at least 2 full days to complete it. The market sells a wide range of products for both female and male. This includes fashion, footwear, accessories, household and more. They sell pets and food too! As the name suggest, it is only open on weekends. That explains the crowd. If you hate crowd, this is definitely not for you! HUMAN TRAFFIC! I suggest you to wear light clothing due to the hot weather. Don’t forget to bring water and a lot of shopping bags! That’s the trick to lesser plastic bags in hand! 😉 You can find a lot of souvenirs to buy back! The best thing of all, you are free to bargain. If you are luck, I’m sure you will be able to get a lot of stuffs at its cheapest. Don’t leave without trying their Coconut Ice Cream! Yummy!

Chatuchak Weekend Market (BTS – Mo Chit / MRT Kamphaeng Phet or Chatuchak Park)
Weekends (Saturday & Sunday, 9am-6pm)

2. MBK Center

If you are allergic to the sun, you can always opt for MBK (Ma Boon Khrong). This well known shopping centre sells almost the same stuffs as Chatuchak. However don’t expect same price or bargain freedom. The fact that it is a shopping centre with air-con, you don’t expect cheaper price, do you? You can get almost everything here too! The thing I like most about MBK is the way shops are placed. It is so systematic that each level sells a specific product or range. Like one level sells fashion, the other sells IT & mobiles, another sells snacks & tidbits etc.

Siam (BTS – National Stadium)
Daily (10am-8pm)

3.  The Platinum Fashion Mall

Also known as the wholesale shopping centre, it matters if you purchase 1, 2 or more. The more you buy, the cheaper the price. Unfortunately, there is no fitting rooms. Hence you better know your size. Don’t worry, they provide measuring tapes if you are unsure! 🙂 For those wearing US6 and above, I suggest you not to waste your time browsing. Many of the stuffs cater to small sizes.

Pratunam (via Taxi)
Daily (9am-8pm)

4. CentreWorld Plaza


Believe it or not, CentralWorld is one of the biggest shopping complex in the world. It is a modern shopping complex with Isetan and Zen department stores. You can also find world-class stores such as Zara, Miss Sixty and Uniqlo. If Narayana is in your to-buy-list, you might want to visit the boutique here! It may be a little crowded but it’s big enough for you to get all the stuffs 🙂

If you are lucky, you may see performance or activities on the big CentralWorld Square 🙂

Pratunam (via Taxi)
Daily (10am-10pm)

5. Siam Paragon

siam paragon

Another famous modern shopping complex is Siam Paragon. If you are looking for designer brands, you are definitely at the right place! You name it, they have it all! From Hermes to Versace, Chanel, Burberry etc. Don’t forget to bring your Credit Card! 😉

Along the stretch is Siam Center and Siam Discovery!

Siam (BTS – Siam)
Daily (10am-10pm)

6. Asiatique, The Riverfront


Asiatique is one of the popular night market you should not skip! It is spacious, beautiful and a great place to shop. It carries an interesting range of items. Definitely a must to go for tourists! They do have Calypso Show or Muay Thai Live for you to enjoy too! I’m sure you will appreciate the design and architecture. Oh, don’t forget to try the restaurants too! Yummy!

Asiatique (BTS – Saphan Taksin: Exit 2 and transfer via Asiatique Shuttle Boat)
Daily (5pm-12am)

Despite the places I mentioned above, I’ve yet to complete the whole Bangkok. There are many more shopping centres that I did not visit such as Ratchada, Amarin Plaza etc.

Do look out for my next entry for more activities you can do in Bangkok! 🙂


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