That urge to blog.

I am so flooding my own blog. The need to express and share.

Looking back at the journey I have went through, I am very proud of my achievement. As much as people say I am just lucky, I always believe it is my hard work too that has brought me here. It may not be a big achievement like others but I am grateful enough.

I was just a Client-servicing executive in iProperty when I first started. Of course, I am thankful to my ex-GM for recognising my efforts in iProperty is the same workplace where I meet different types of people. I sure learnt a lot from many and of course, there are people who remains as acquaintance while most stays as my friends. Friends worth keeping for happy and sad moments.

Not mentioning the experience I gained there, I am thankful I was headhunted to Shell. That was just a break, I guess. It did not last for long until I decided to join bellabox. Unfortunately, bellabox decided to close after my 1 year+. Here I am in SkinnyMint with a lot more responsibilities being the Operations Manager and I really hope I will not disappoint myself.

This post may sound like I am boasting but deep inside, I am really grateful of how things change and how it has affected me. Some may see it as achievement or plain lucky but trust me, I am not that lucky at some expects. Like relationship? #rollingeyes

Haha! I will definitely be lying if I say I am not affected with the happy people around me. Happily married. Happily engaged. Happily dating. Duh!

But I come to realise you cannot get everything in the world. They don’t get my position. They don’t get my wages. They don’t get to travel as and when they want. They definitely don’t get my perfect family.

Oh well, the time will come. It is a waiting game.


p/s: I’ve been wanting to blog about my travels for the longest time. Probably I should over the weekend. Look out for it! 🙂


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